Soulistic Yoga & Well-Being is a state of mind, a toolbox to holistically heal the soul.  It was created by a Ajna, in her quest and life dedicated to healing.  Her life is her art as she lived and travelled in more than sixty countries around the world learning with gurus and shamans.  Ajna takes the fruitful experiences she has been blessed with to continue passing on the tools and information, to share the fusion of ancient and new-age forms of healing through the harmony of mind body and spirit.   This love warrior thrives on the sacred journey of the heart, offering tools for heart opening experiences to free from separation and marry the masculine and feminine within, the divine life which awakens oneself to their true essence, source and raison d'etre.  She facilitates transformational group or one on one sessions and her intention is deep authenticity of her own unique truth and inspire deep awakening and creativity as she walks this path of I & I consciousness.  

A highly qualified yoga teacher, Reiki master, Massage therapist, Theta healer, Mermaid Medicine therapist (Watsu and Waterdance practitioner), Rebirther, Tantra Yoga and Meditation teacher, Artist and Cacao goddess, Workshop facilitator and life affirming Shamaness.  


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